April Party Ideas

There are many joyous occasions to acknowledge during the month of April. The transition from winter to spring has passed, so now it is time to start planning outdoor parties! We have some great ideas for how you can host an April-appropriate themed party! Spring Break: Take your guests on a temporary vacation by hosting a spring break… Read more »

March Party Ideas

March is one of the most exciting months to host a party because the weather is finally warming up and there are lots of reasons to celebrate! There are many holidays and observances that fall in the month of March. The SCOOPS2U team believes that themed events are more special and memorable. If you are planning a party, you… Read more »

Benefits to Early Event Planning

When it comes to party planning, it is never too early to start organizing all of the details. The type of celebration you are hosting will most likely determine the amount of preparation needed to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The events that occur very rarely in an individual’s life tend to require the most planning in advance.… Read more »

Successful Management Strategies

Successful management is a necessary component in order for almost all projects, events and organizations to run smoothly. There are certain characteristics that are important for any successful manager to possess. Managers should be positive leaders who communicate effectively and respect their team members. If a manager is not an effective communicator, their colleagues will be confused and… Read more »

Sweet Specialties

SCOOPS2U has many sweet specialties that are designed to make your event easier and exciting for guests! You may know that we have been delivering ice cream sundaes with smiles for over 15 years in the DC, Maryland and Virginia region. What you may not be aware of is the recently added sweet [and salty] treats to our menu! We have… Read more »