Carts En-Suite

Enjoy ice cream safely and conveniently delivered right to your office! Choose from pre-packaged novelty bars or scooped ice cream! Everyone can still enjoy ice cream whether it’s at their desk or in the break room!

Trucks in Your Neighborhood

The weather is getting warmer! Be the neighborhood hero and have an ice cream truck come to you and your neighbors! You can have a block party to remember!

Delivery for Home/Office

A complete ice cream sundae party conveniently packed and delivered directly to you!

Party Pack includes:

  • 4 flavors of artisan ice cream
  • Various premium toppings
  • Eco-friendly serving accessories, such as:
    • Compostable cups, spoons, and napkins
    • A reusable scoop


For Our Valued Customers

At SCOOPS2U, the health of our clients and employees is paramount to us, and we take the current situation seriously. We’ve maintained the cleanliness of our production areas, tools and equipment to the highest standards of food safety, while providing top-notch services our clients deserve.

Thank you for your continued support and for trusting SCOOPS2U with all of your sweet tooth needs!