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Scoops2u ice cream social

July Party Ideas

July is National Ice Cream month so it may come as no surprise that it is our favorite month of the year!
Self Service Ice Cream SocialCreative Ice Cream Flavors Day (July 1): Start the month off on a fun and creative note with an extravagant ice cream celebration! Surprise your party guests with some unexpected ice cream flavors and toppings. Some of the craziest flavors that we have created are maple bacon ice cream, kahlua chocolate chunk, peppermint, strawberry cheesecake and the captain’s rum raisin.
original bomb popIndependence Day (July 4): The most celebrated occasion in July is Independence Day. Since July 4th falls on a Saturday this year, you have all weekend to honor the monumental holiday! At Scoops2u, we believe bomb pops are the most appropriate dessert for recognizing Independence Day. We will have plenty of both regular and junior bomb pops so you can pick which size treat works best for your group!
SCOOPS2U Ice Cream Social SundaeStrawberry Sundae & Chocolate Day: (July 7) It has been scientifically proven that strawberries and chocolate taste great together so why not take full advantage and celebrate both occasions?! Host a fun event featuring both healthy and unhealthy menu options to satisfy everyone at the party. Start the party off with a fruit platter and smoothies. Since its summertime, you shouldn’t have a gathering without ice cream so we recommend serving chocolate and strawberry sundaes with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.
Froyo at SCOOPS2UNATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY: (July 20) Everyone screams for ice cream on National Ice Cream Day! It should go without saying that this is one of the best days of the year. National Ice Cream Day is the one day that everyone takes a break from their healthy summer diets to indulge in the most refreshing kind of treat. It is strongly suggested that you treat yourself, treat your friends & treat your family members to the most delicious and decadent ice cream sundaes (like the one pictured on the left).
Hopefully these July party ideas will keep you cool all month long! Feel free to contact us with any & all ice cream requests!

June Party Ideas

June is one of our favorite months of the year because the weather is great and there are many exciting excuses to celebrate!
FroYo FlavorsFrozen Yogurt Day (6/4) Frozen Yogurt is such a delicious treat that it definitely deserves a day devoted to devouring it! It is recommended that you take advantage of this special  affair and host a fun FroYo social featuring various fruity and tart flavors! Go all out by adding a toppings table and some ice cream related decorations. Since frozen yogurt is typically less heavy than traditional ice cream, party guests should be able to consume more than one flavor/serving!
National Chocolate & Cancer Survivor DayChocolate Ice Cream/Cancer Survivor Day (6/7) Chocolate Ice Cream Day and Cancer Survivor Day both happen to be honored on June 7th, so why not combine forces and host a celebration that honors these joyous occasions?! An easy way to combine both “holidays” is to serve pink breast cancer cookies with chocolate ice cream. You can also create a festive pink drink.  Design the party space with pink balloons and napkins plus chocolate decorations if possible.
SCOOPS2U International Picnic DayInternational Picnic Day (6/18) June is one of the best months to spend time outside so it is appropriate that International Picnic Day falls in the middle of the month. Picnics are the perfect way to bring people together to play games, share food and appreciate wonderful weather and company. While there are many approaches to celebrating this fun day, there are certain staples that are necessary for all true picnic parties. A picnic is incomplete without a checkered tablecloth or blanket, a basket of food and some form of entertainment (frisbee, football, volleyball). The most popular picnic foods are fruit, sandwiches, salads, and of course ice cream for dessert!
Celebrate Fathers Day with Ice CreamFather’s Day (6/21) As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.” Show your dad how much you appreciate him but throwing a party in his honor! Invite the friends and family over for an outdoor barbecue and cook up some of dad’s favorite dishes. Be sure to stock up on your father’s favorite drinks as well. Don’t forget ice cream or something sweet and delicious to serve for dessert!
Hopefully these June Party Ideas will inspire you to celebrate one of these joyous June events! Comment below with your thoughts or any other festive suggestions that you consider!

May Party Ideas

May promises flowers and beautiful Spring days, making it the perfect month to host a special get-together!
There are many joyous occasions in May that can be incorporated into themed events. Read on to learn about our top 5 May Party ideas!
No Diet DayNo Diet Day/Eat What You Want (May 6 or 11) Take advantage of one (or both) of these delectable diet free days! No diet means no worrying about what foods or beverages to serve to party guests. Institute a “No complaining” rule and invite attendees to bring their favorite unhealthy snacks. If you wanted to add decorations to the party, anything food or drink related would work.
Mother's Day PartyMother’s Day (May 10) Mother’s Day is the perfect time to demonstrate appreciation. After all of the years of planning annual birthday parties, it’s time to give the moms a break and throw a party to honor everything they do! Invest in some bright or pastel colored decorations that spell out “Mom.” Flowers would also be appropriate for decor. Contact your mother’s favorite catering company or restaurant and make sure they provide all of her favorite foods!
Baking PartyWorld Baking Day (May 17) Calling all bakeaholics! This is your opportunity to host a bakeathon party! Make that sweet treat you’ve been dreaming of and invite all your friends or family over to indulge. You could even experiment with a couple of delicious desserts and see which one is most popular among your guests. A fun party favor idea would be cute aprons and print outs of the recipes used to make the baked goods.
Indy 500 party ideaIndy 500 (May 24) Set your engines to party mode because the Indianapolis 500 Car Race is taking place Memorial Day Weekend! Car enthusiasts would love attending an Indy 500 themed party. A successful party would include car themed decorations, such as car table runners, cups, napkins, streamers and checkered flags.
Neighborhood Block PartyNeighbor Day (May 30) May 30 has been declared National Neighbor Day! National Neighbor day falls on a Saturday this year, so that weekend is going to be the best time to organize a block party. We recommend a potluck-style party and invite each neighbor to bring their own dish. Set up some background music and fun games that would be enjoyed by everyone.
We hope you try one of these festive theme party ideas and may your month be full of flowers, sunshine, good food and fun!