Introducing Our Salty Division

Salty Division of SCOOPS2UWe are POPping with excitement to announce our salty division, The Royal Popcorn Factory!
The Royal Popcorn Factory features freshly popped, gourmet flavors. Some of our favorites include Queen’s Caramel, Baron’s Old Bay, Diamond [Chocolate] Drizzle, & Cheddar Crowns. Each batch is hand popped with the highest quality ingredients and made the day we deliver.
This year are offering a complete custom gift collection, just in time for the holidays! Pictured below are the most POPular styles. Our brand new snack sacks include three bags of your favorite flavors.  Reusable totes will keep your message top of mind throughout the year! Our personalized popcorn tins come in two sizes and are filled with two or three flavors of your choice. Tins and totes can be customized with your logo, which guarantees that your message of appreciation or holiday greeting really POPs!
We invite you to contact us or visit our new website to learn more about our POPpin packages!
Popcorn Holiday Gifts

The Scoop on Helium

Increasing scarcity and demands for helium cause party planners to get creative with replacement decorations. Read on to learn how to host greener parties without balloons!

Helium Alternatives