Vintage Good Humor Truck

Good Humor Vintage Ice Cream TruckIntroducing the newest member to the Scoops2u Ice Cream fleet: our Vintage Good Humor Truck!
Celebrate 50 years of ice cream fun and show the younger generations how it was back in the day with a visit from our rare vintage Good Humor ice cream truck! We offer the largest variety of classic ice cream novelty bars for special events in the greater DC area so your ice cream party will feature all the classic favorites. Our vintage truck is guaranteed to bring nostalgia, excitement and delicious memories to you and your event guests.
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Introducing Our Salty Division

Salty Division of SCOOPS2UWe are POPping with excitement to announce our salty division, The Royal Popcorn Factory!
The Royal Popcorn Factory features freshly popped, gourmet flavors. Some of our favorites include Queen’s Caramel, Baron’s Old Bay, Diamond [Chocolate] Drizzle, & Cheddar Crowns. Each batch is hand popped with the highest quality ingredients and made the day we deliver.
This year are offering a complete custom gift collection, just in time for the holidays! Pictured below are the most POPular styles. Our brand new snack sacks include three bags of your favorite flavors.  Reusable totes will keep your message top of mind throughout the year! Our personalized popcorn tins come in two sizes and are filled with two or three flavors of your choice. Tins and totes can be customized with your logo, which guarantees that your message of appreciation or holiday greeting really POPs!
We invite you to contact us or visit our new website to learn more about our POPpin packages!
Popcorn Holiday Gifts

Children's Hospital Visit

Children's National Hospital Ice Cream Visit
This summer has been a special one at Scoops because we have had the pleasure of partnering with HOT99.5 to bring Free Ice Cream Fridays to the DMV! Every Friday we have stopped at a different location to spread joy throughout the greater DC area.
On Friday August 14th, we were invited into the Children’s National Medical Center at 111 Michigan Avenue NW in Washington DC! We jumped at the opportunity to hand out free novelties to the hospital employees, patients and their visiting families.
When we arrived at the hospital, a couple of volunteers greeted us and explained that the nurses determined which patients are eligible to enjoy the ice cream.
Free Ice Cream at Children's Hospital
We separated into teams to “divide and conquer” in hopes of treating as many people as possible in the allotted time frame. Each team was given a list of approved patients and corresponding room numbers. The patients got to choose which ice cream they wanted to enjoy in bed. We provided the options of Chocolate Eclairs, Strawberry Shortcakes, Vanilla Sandwiches and Lick-A-Color Popsicles.
Since there were a number of patients napping or away from their rooms, we made sure to leave plenty of ice cream behind in the hospital freezer.
Ice Cream NursesThe volunteers planned to return to the rooms we didn’t serve to ensure that everyone who wanted ice cream received it.
We had a huge turnout! The hospital employees, volunteers and families were extremely gracious of the tasty donations and thanked us for sweetening up their Friday.
This particular Free Ice Cream Friday event was particularly rewarding because we were able to give back to the community in such a wonderful way. A big thanks to our friends at HOT99.5 for helping to coordinate such an exceptional event.

Let's Talk Live with SCOOPS2U

Let's Talk Live with SCOOPS2UWJLA ABC 7’s “Let’s Talk Live” is preparing their viewers for the warmer weather with segments relating to the summer season.  SCOOPS2U was invited on set to demonstrate how to create the perfect ice cream sandwich!
Freshly made ice cream sandwiches have become a popular ice cream commodity among ice cream lovers.
The demand for homemade ice cream sandwiches was recognized at SCOOPS2U in 2010. The delicious ice cream sandwiches were added to our menu in 2011 around the time that we started serving from customized ice cream trucks.
SCOOPS2U on Let's Talk Live At SCOOPS2U, we encourage you to personalize your ice cream sandwich with your favorite flavors! Choose 1 ice cream flavor and up to 2 cookie flavors, which presents the opportunity to mix and match at our truck!
“Let’s Talk Live” hosts Julie & Kelly were extremely excited to sample our sandwiches on set! They were interested in learning the secrets to serving our ice cream sandwiches and the different flavor combinations we recommend such as chocolate chip cookies with sweet & salty caramel ice cream.
Big thanks to WJLA ABC 7 & News Channel 8 for giving us the opportunity to share our sweet treats!

Sweet Specialties

SCOOPS2U Spring PopcornSCOOPS2U has many sweet specialties that are designed to make your event easier and exciting for guests!
You may know that we have been delivering ice cream sundaes with smiles for over 15 years in the DC, Maryland and Virginia region. What you may not be aware of is the recently added sweet [and salty] treats to our menu! We have teamed up with The Royal Popcorn Factory to introduce various gourmet popcorn events. The gourmet popcorn is popped fresh for events and flavors can be customized based on the party requests. Gourmet popcorn can be complimented with beverage bar options including hot cider, hot chocolate or chai tea.
Scoops2u Spooks2u Halloween Events Customized candy bars are another relatively new event that SCOOPS2U has started to offer to customers. The assorted candy selection is based on the current season or nearby holidays.The candy buffet bars have been a very popular request especially during the months of October, December and February.
Smores Bar Roasting Marshmallows
SCOOPS2U has also started catering S’mores Bar events featuring Plush Puff’s delicious, handcrafted marshmallows. Guests have the pleasure of roasting their own marshmallows and creating customized S’mores sandwiches. All necessary supplies and equipment are provided to ensure the event runs smoothly.
SCOOPS2U is prepared to make your gathering memorable and will happily provide any decorations to support the theme of the event. Contact us today to learn more about our sweet specialties! Call (703) 536-3131 or e-mail