Let's Talk Live with SCOOPS2U

Let's Talk Live with SCOOPS2UWJLA ABC 7’s “Let’s Talk Live” is preparing their viewers for the warmer weather with segments relating to the summer season.  SCOOPS2U was invited on set to demonstrate how to create the perfect ice cream sandwich!
Freshly made ice cream sandwiches have become a popular ice cream commodity among ice cream lovers.
The demand for homemade ice cream sandwiches was recognized at SCOOPS2U in 2010. The delicious ice cream sandwiches were added to our menu in 2011 around the time that we started serving from customized ice cream trucks.
SCOOPS2U on Let's Talk Live At SCOOPS2U, we encourage you to personalize your ice cream sandwich with your favorite flavors! Choose 1 ice cream flavor and up to 2 cookie flavors, which presents the opportunity to mix and match at our truck!
“Let’s Talk Live” hosts Julie & Kelly were extremely excited to sample our sandwiches on set! They were interested in learning the secrets to serving our ice cream sandwiches and the different flavor combinations we recommend such as chocolate chip cookies with sweet & salty caramel ice cream.
Big thanks to WJLA ABC 7 & News Channel 8 for giving us the opportunity to share our sweet treats!

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