April Party Ideas

There are many joyous occasions to acknowledge during the month of April. The transition from winter to spring has passed, so now it is time to start planning outdoor parties! We have some great ideas for how you can host an April-appropriate themed party!

sherbertSpring Break:
Take your guests on a temporary vacation by hosting a spring break beach party! Invest in some decorations like beach balls and napkins decorated with fishes. As demonstrated in the picture on the left, you could utilize colored buckets as containers for foods like fruit and salad. For a beach party, we recommend fried shrimp appetizers, vegetable sticks, small sandwiches, iced drinks and a variety of ice cream bars for dessert!
popcorn baseball partyBaseball Opener: Score a home run with your friends/family and host an opening day gathering! Baseball season begins the second week of April (Nationals on 4/6 and Orioles on 4/10). As America’s favorite pastime, baseball is an excellent excuse for a themed event. A true baseball party must have peanuts and cracker jacks complimented with different soda options. We suggest incorporating additional finger foods into the menu such as kettle corn, mini hot dogs and pizzas. Ice cream sundaes would be the perfect end to the party because who doesn’t love customizing their own delicious dessert?!

April Ice Cream PartySpring Fever/Cherry Blossoms
Since the cherry blossoms are predicted to peak around April 11-14, we think the beginning of April would be an optimal time to celebrate. Flowers are perfect for decorations as well as bright colored balloons and napkins. Lemonade and smoothies would be popular drink options for event attendees. Spring rolls with fresh vegetables would pair well with the spring theme. Dessert could include flower designed cookies, cupcakes, or even cherry vanilla ice cream sundaes with cherries on top.

earth day cookiesEarth Day:
Go Green and celebrate Earth Day on April 22! In honor of Earth Day, centerpieces and other decorations should be crafted from recyclable materials. Any decorations with plants and/or globes are highly encouraged for an Earth Day party. Invite your guests to carpool or travel via modes of public transportation to reduce car pollution. Locally produced foods and beverages should be highlighted on the event’s menu. End the party on a sweet note by offering the classic dirt sundae with gummy worms as a dessert.
Administrative Professionals Day CakeAdministrative Professionals Day: Secretaries/receptionists and office employees are an integral part to any successful business, so it is important to honor them on Administrative Professionals Day (4/23). APD is one of the most celebrated workplace holidays. Many companies contact catering companies like SCOOPS2U to provide their administrative professionals with a special treat. We recommend treating employees to decadent desserts like premium ice cream, cookies and cupcakes. Additionally, gift certificates, lottery tickets, and work bonuses would be excellent gifts that would be appreciated by any employee.

Hopefully, some of these April party ideas will inspire you to plan a fun and festive celebration!

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