March Party Ideas

March is one of the most exciting months to host a party because the weather is finally warming up and there are lots of reasons to celebrate! There are many holidays and observances that fall in the month of March. The SCOOPS2U team believes that themed events are more special and memorable. If you are planning a party, you should consider applying a theme based on one or some of the various happenings this month!
Pi Day Image
National Pi Day (3/14): Calling all math and food lovers! Pi Day is the perfect opportunity to throw a fun math event featuring all sorts of pies. Popular pie choices would be pizza,  shepherd, meat, and the obvious apple or cherry pie. Almost any food with a circle shape could work as a pie reference. SCOOPS2U could even provide strawberry cheesecake ice  cream sundaes with pie crust pieces to honor the Pi concept. Suggested decor options include balloons, napkins and paper plates with the Pi symbol or math operations.
Green Popcorn St. Patrick’s Day (3/17): Although St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday designed to glorify the “Luck of the Irish”, it is not just celebrated by Irish people. In fact, individuals from all  different backgrounds enjoy participating in St. Patty’s Day events. To host your own Patty’s party, you will need to find some form of green edibles and decorations. Start your  party off with a round of Irish beers and zucchini fries or even chips with green guacamole dip. Think about serving jalapeno popcorn or green kettle corn (pictured to the left) for a  sweet and salty snack option. Delicious desserts should feature pistachio or mint chocolate chip ice cream sundaes to end your event on a sweet note!
Spring Flower Cupcakes
Cherry Blossom Festival & Start of Spring (3/20): If you and your guests enjoy nature or being outdoors, we recommend throwing a Cherry Blossom or Start of Spring gathering.  Flowers  are great for decoration and the bright spring colors can be incorporated into food options. Fresh fruit smoothies would be a perfect drink option for a Spring party. Spring  rolls would be an appropriate appetizer for a Spring themed party. We would recommend serving desserts with either flowers or fruity flavors, such as designed cookies/cupcakes or  Cherry Vanilla ice cream sundaes.
Basketball Slider March Madness Munchies
March Madness (3/17-3/29): College Sports enthusiasts will never turn down a March Madness Party! Send out party invitations in bracket format to get guests pumped up for  the madness. Consider investing in some basketball decorations such as orange and black balloons, napkins, and candies. You will score extra points for serving basketball designed  desserts such as sugar cookies or cupcakes. Score the slam dunk by having a fridge stocked with brews and appetizer platters featuring assorted March Madness munchies like mini  sliders, meatballs, or even deep-friend mozzarella bites!
Make up your own holiday day (3/26): This can be interpreted any way you would like. Get creative with it because this is an unique opportunity to pull off any type of themed  party! Some wild ideas could be “National Ice Cream Social Day,” “Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity,” or even a “70’s Disco Party!”
We hope you consider our March party ideas and make the most of this month by throwing an epic themed party!
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