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July Party Ideas

July is National Ice Cream month so it may come as no surprise that it is our favorite month of the year!
Self Service Ice Cream SocialCreative Ice Cream Flavors Day (July 1): Start the month off on a fun and creative note with an extravagant ice cream celebration! Surprise your party guests with some unexpected ice cream flavors and toppings. Some of the craziest flavors that we have created are maple bacon ice cream, kahlua chocolate chunk, peppermint, strawberry cheesecake and the captain’s rum raisin.
original bomb popIndependence Day (July 4): The most celebrated occasion in July is Independence Day. Since July 4th falls on a Saturday this year, you have all weekend to honor the monumental holiday! At Scoops2u, we believe bomb pops are the most appropriate dessert for recognizing Independence Day. We will have plenty of both regular and junior bomb pops so you can pick which size treat works best for your group!
SCOOPS2U Ice Cream Social SundaeStrawberry Sundae & Chocolate Day: (July 7) It has been scientifically proven that strawberries and chocolate taste great together so why not take full advantage and celebrate both occasions?! Host a fun event featuring both healthy and unhealthy menu options to satisfy everyone at the party. Start the party off with a fruit platter and smoothies. Since its summertime, you shouldn’t have a gathering without ice cream so we recommend serving chocolate and strawberry sundaes with chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.
Froyo at SCOOPS2UNATIONAL ICE CREAM DAY: (July 20) Everyone screams for ice cream on National Ice Cream Day! It should go without saying that this is one of the best days of the year. National Ice Cream Day is the one day that everyone takes a break from their healthy summer diets to indulge in the most refreshing kind of treat. It is strongly suggested that you treat yourself, treat your friends & treat your family members to the most delicious and decadent ice cream sundaes (like the one pictured on the left).
Hopefully these July party ideas will keep you cool all month long! Feel free to contact us with any & all ice cream requests!

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